Posted by: earthcare203 | September 11, 2012

Invati vs. Rogaine

InvatiDid you know that when you suffer from thinning hair/hair loss, your hair still grows but it’s so weak that it breaks off at the scalp?  It’s true!  All those hair follicles are still producing hair but the strands break off once they reach the surface of your scalp.

Enter Invati.

Invati is arguably Aveda’s most popular product.  Ever. It’s clinically proven to reduce hair loss and it is amazingly effective.  Next week we’ll cover in-depth how it works, but today let’s look at how it differs from it’s famous “rival”, Rogaine.

First off – Invati does not re-grow hair.  It strengthens hair.

Unlike Rogaine, which is a chemical, Invati is plant derived and does not cause dependance.  What makers of chemical hair-regrowth treatments don’t tell you is that if you stop using them, your hair falls out again because the miniaturized hair is dependent on Rogaine.

Next time we’ll talk about exactly how Invati works.


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