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Closed Today for Blizzard of 2013

As you’ve probably guessed we’re not opening today. The travel ban is still in effect. Stay safe everyone! Dig yourself out (or try to) and if you have vulnerable neighbors be sure to check on them and give them a hand.

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Winter Fried Hair – Part 1

Dry RemedyA seasonal hair care question:

Q) I’m recovering from the flu/bronchitis/the plague and have taken a million showers recently to clear my lungs.  The result is my hair is totally dried and fried.  How can I fix this?  Next winter, how can I prevent this?

A) The Dry Remedy line is the best for this time of year.  It can be pricey to buy it just for a few months but it will be good for 24months after it’s opened so you can get at least two full winters out of it.  Also, the smooth infusion and Be Curly lines are moisturising as well.  If you use these shampoos/conditioners, you can then purchase the Dry Remedy Treatment Masque and use it once or twice a week as a conditioner.  That stuff gives instant results!

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New Year, New You

IMG_2350_webMany of us made New Year’s Resolutions.  Several of even intend to keep them!  But what about a little step or a little treat to help you on your way?

Stop by the salon for a facial to make you feel spectacular and new.  Get a new hair color to proclaim your readiness for change.  Or how about a massage?  Or a manicure?

Give is a call and let us help you find the treatment that works best for you!

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Re-add Volume to Flat Hair

DP12_20_r3Q) I have fine, straight hair.  I work hard to create volume.  But it’s 2pm and my hair has gone limp.  Help!

A) This is a big issue for a LOT of people. Start your day with the Pure Abundance Shampoo and Clay Conditioner.  Don’t skip the conditioner!  The Pure Abundance Conditioner is designed to not weigh your hair down.

Also, you can tease your hair in the morning – that always helps.  But midday grab a bottle of Pure Abundance Hair Potion or or Air Control.  With the Pure Abundance Hair Potion, you can get more lift by sprinkling the  Potion directly at the roots on dry hair and working it in.  The Air Control can be used to create flexible, lasting hold without the stiffness or crispiness of traditional aerosols.  To add volume, direct the spray at your hair’s roots.

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Straight Hair Frizz – Mid Day Fix

GBP Job #: AV-025-09 AVEDA LE-Wax-Styled ProductsQ) It’s 2pm and my straight hair is all frizzy.  What can I do to fix this?  Are there any products I can keep in my desk to help me on days like this?

A) Yes!  You want to keep a bottle of smoothing fluid in your desk for days like this.  But let’s rewind back to the morning because you can PREVENT this from happening in the first place.

First of all you have to use the style prep smoother and the glossing straighter after you get out of the shower.  Then you have to really make sure the hair is 100% dry – if it’s damp at all, you’ll get frizzies later.  Then use the light elements  smoothing fluid.  Avoid air moisture during the day if possible because frizz is caused by moisture.   Then you can re-apply the smoothing fluid mid day if needed.

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Curly, colored hair

Be Curly Family of ProductsQ)  I have curly hair, and I color it.  How should I care for my curls and my Aveda color at the same time?

A) Start with the Be Curly line of products.  Be Curly Shampoo and Conditioner are perfectly color safe and a great option for winter given that it adds moisture and curly hair tends to be dryer then straight hair.   Also, I would recommend using the Daily Color Protect especially if you’re not using Color Conserve for the winter, to preserve vibrancy.

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Fine, colored hair: what products should I use?

We’re starting up a new line of blog posts to answer our client’s questions!

Q) I have thin hair (not thinning, just fine hair) and I color my hair.  What products should I use to balance my need for volume with my need to care for my hair color?

A) Fine hair that is colored, absolutely use color conserve shampoo!  Protect that color.  As far as conditioner is concerned you can play with either pure abundance, clay or ,especially in the winter, you can try Invati, depending on how thin  your hair is.   It’s all about style products with fine hair.   Try using Pure Abundance style prep, Volumizing Tonic and Phomoliant.   An important caveat – in summer you need to absolutely use color conserve conditioner because of the SPF.

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Invati – the Power of Turmeric

Invati Turmeric

Invati Turmeric

Invati products feature a patented technology, called Densiplex, which is derived from turmeric, ginseng and yeast extract.

Turmeric, known for centuries for its effectiveness in Ayurvedic medicine, is really the star of Invati.  Aveda sources organic turmeric directly from the Indian farm Nisarga (which means “nature” in Sanskrit).  The people of Nisarga not only grow organic Ayurvedic herbs, but they educate farmers and help them make the change to organic farming practices – even paying the costs that make certification seem like an impossible barrier for many small farms.    Aveda’s partnership with Nisarga is helping them convert f more farmland to organic farmland, which is better for the earth, the farmer’s health, and the rest of us.

Also, two villages near Nisarga farm that supplies turmeric were experiencing water shortages and contamination.  Aveda partnered with Global Greengrants Fund to help repair and rebuild an aging water system in one village and tap a new spring for the other.  Aveda thinks that giving back to the local communities is an important part of being a global and responsible business.

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Stress Relief from Aveda

Soaking Salt

Soaking Salt

A plain bath not cutting it anymore?  Try Aveda’s line of stress-relieving products.  Add bath salts to your bath for the ultimate soothing, soaking experience.  Stress Fix Soaking Salt ingredients include salt, sugar, and the essences of lavender, lavandin and clary sage from organic farms.

Follow your bath with a relaxing lotion, Stress Fix Body Lotion.  In addition to the soothing aroma, which will wash your stresses away, the Stress Fix Body Lotion is marvelous massaged into the hands as antditoe for people who type or have other repetitive hand movement during the day

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How Does Invati Solve My Problems?

InvatiHere are some common concerns from people who have thinning hair – and how Invati works on these issues.

Q. My scalp accumulates build-up and becomes all dry and tight feeling.
A. Invati contains wintergreen-derived salicylic acid is clinically proven to exfoliate the scalp by removing the sebum and product residue buildup that can clog pores and affect healthy hair.  Millet seed and thistle extracts nourish your dry, tight scalp and equalized the lipid balance.

Q. My hair becomes weak, breaks easily and is dull without shine.
Invati contains hydrolyzed soy protein and arginine (derived from sugar beets) which are clinically proven to restore strength and elasticity, which in turn reduce hair breakage.  A blend of ingredients derived from guar, palm and rapeseed created a weightless surface to thicken hair, which also reduces breakage.  And lastly organic kukui nut oil adds natural shine to your dull locks.

Q. My hair grows slower as I age.
A.  Invati contains our revolutionary Densiplex(TM), which is derived from turmeric, ginseng and yeast extract, which helps ebergize and rehabilitate the scalp around the follicles when massaged into the scalp.  This created the optimum environment for healthy hair to grow.  With clinically-proven Vitamin E, Invati helps accelerate micro-circulation through therapeutic massage.

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